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The holidays are approaching rapidly and the calls for decorative art will begin to slow down. Now is the time to make more sample boards for your portfolio. I have received many requests for color combinations on the MarmoLustre Marble. Here is a list of some. The rest will follow in another newsletter.

    BASE               FIRST DRIFTS                 SECOND DRIFTS           TOP COATPicture of MarmoLustre Marble

1.  Haze (B)      Chaps (B) veins                Copper M/L                  Green Ice
2.  Haze (B)      Copper M/L veins             Mocha M/L                   Orange Ice

3.   Haze (B)         Copper MarmoLustre              Pearl Ice
4.   Haze (B)         Dark Green M/L                      Black veins                         White veins
5.   Haze (B)         Mocha M/L                             Champagne M/L
6.   Haze (B)         Copper M/L veins                   Burnished Copper M/L
7.   Haze (B)         Copper M/L veins                   Mocha M/L
8.   Haze (B)         Brass M/L wide veins               Burn Copper M/L               Bronze M/L
9.   Haze (B)         Mocha M/L veins                    Champagne M/L                  Bronze M/L
10. Yellow            Pewter M/L veins                    Brass M/L                           Orange Ice
11. Yellow        Burnished Copper M/L       Bronze M/L 40%
12. Yellow        Lake Vermillion glaze        Burnished Copper M/L
13. Yellow        Gold Foil M/L                   Bronze M/L                     Pearl Ice

Codes                         Product

SW                             Sherwin Williams paint

B                                Behr paint

M/Lustre or M/L           MarmoLustre from www.fauxshop.com


My computer crashed and I lost many of your names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers. They are on the newsletter list because that is saved by another data base. To retrieve them, I would have to find your registration forms and input everything. Many of you have moved so information could be old. I ask you to please send me your name, address, email address, and telephone numbers, including your cell numbers to


The Copper Penny Metallic Waovering is made and the samples are ready for shipment. Some of you have seen it and anxiously awaiting its release. If you have purchased a large waovering book, we will send you a sample free of charge. Otherwise, the cost is $3 per sample. If you purchased a small waovering book, we will send you a small sample free of charge.

As stated before, I will need your name, address, email address, and telephone number.


Picture of chair on grasspicture of bar stoolMarga Crowley of Sea Cliff, NY is a good customer of Faux Shop. She bought the Faux Shop DVD that instructs how to use MarmoLustre and Metallic Wax. After some experimentation, she created these wonderful finishes. Marga says that the metallic wax is a lot of fun to work with. And, obviously, she did a marvelous job on her furniture.  Congratulations Marga.

Faux Painting School wishes you health, happiness, wealth, and wisdom.

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