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FAUX FINISH PAINTING  is popular in sophisticated homes and businesses.  At our faux finishing school, the faux finish techniques that we teach can be mastered by all. In the faux finishing classes you will learn how to faux finish to create the most popular effects from metallic waxes and lustres to the old world finishes. Click here for more on faux painting technique.

Metallic Wax Picture

Why spend thousands of dollars to makeover your home? Use faux finish techniques to refinish counter tops, floors, and cabinets.  Click here for more on HOUSE MAKEOVERS.

Create multi layer effects using Metallic Wax.  The beauty of metallic waxes is that they are translucent, so the previous layers become a part of the overall design and turn ordinary into extraordinary.  See the picture at left for a raku finish.

Learn to incorporate Metallic Paints into your designs.  Metallic paints are a focal point of our teaching to help the faux finisher stay current with decorating trends.  Metallic paints are used for floors, walls, cabinets, and furniture.

The owner and teachers at Faux Painting School are accomplished artists from Laguna Beach, California.  The artists who teach at Faux Painting School believe that teaching their finely tuned expertise in decorative art is not only a career, but a calling . There is a need in the industry to understand that art and creativity are essential to humanity. It is a gift to teach skills that can be passed down from generation to generation, giving the past a home. Motivating and nurturing a student is part of the gift we pass on.

Although we have hundreds of large samples of different finishes on display, our faux finishing school is the only school offering a unique opportunity for students to be inspired by the incomparable rooms displaying diverse faux finishes, murals, and Venetian plaster.

Join us in a positive, nurturing atmosphere 
as we release our creative spirit.

February 2005
Dear Jim & Sher,
I wanted to make sure you both know how much your classes meant to me.  First of all you both are very capable & qualified instructors.  Your concern & patience was limitless & I know you must have had to go to the patience bank after I left!  I'm so glad I chose your school over several others I had researched.  It is obvious you wanted your students to succeed & did everything possible to make sure of that. 

You created an atmosphere that was comfortable, non-threatening, and exciting.  The days were packed full, learning, creating, and sharing.  Thanks again for the best, hard working time I've ever had.  I have learned so much, and am anxious to get my whole new career going.  Keep going, wouldn't have you change a thing!
Love Ya - Boots

August 2005 - (FOLLOW-UP)
Well, just wanted to tell you about today. I called the salon to make sure the stylist was happy with the room.  ( I think it's a good idea to check on them the next day or so after completing the project).  She said she loved the room & was leaving my check (the best part Ha!).
I wanted to see the room myself so I went by the salon & 2 clients there asked me if I would do something in their home!  The owner of the shop then said "she hasn't had time to do my rooms yet"!  So they said to put them on my list!!!! I now have 3 clients waiting.....I'm psyched!! Just wanted to let you know, as you are my mentor & need to hear about the "good times" too.
Love Ya - Boots

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